We’ve collated a list of frequently asked questions to help our friendly customers out.

1. What is a Kouign-amann?

Kouign-amann ("queen-ah-mahn") are pastries, originally from northwest Brittany, France. They are a croissant like pastry with a caramelised sugar coat.

2. What is a Basque cheesecake?

A crustless cheesecake, originally from Basque, France, which has been baked at a high temperature, creating a dark crust but a soft center.

3. What flour do you use?

At Agnes Bakery we use flour from Wholegrain Milling Company, Gunnedah, NSW.

4. How do I order a cake?

We are not currently doing cake pre-orders, but we will soon, keep an eye on our social media for updates.

5. Can I pre order bread or pastries?

We don’t currently accept pre-orders. For catering enquiries please contact us here

6. Do you slice bread?

No, we recommend slicing it as you need to maintain optimum freshness.

7. Do your products contain gelatin?

Yes, some of our products contain gelatin; Please feel free to ask our staff on the day, as our products change regularly.

8. Do you offer gluten-free products?

Yes, but please note that, although all our equipment is sanitised and the gluten-free products are made separately to our other products, our gluten free products may contain gluten, as they are made in the same facilities. Please keep an eye on our social media as we are working on providing a bigger range of gluten-free items.